Dlaczego studia informatyczne są tak popularne?

Why are IT studies so popular?

Many people wonder if it is worth studying computer science? The answer to this question has been decisively positive for years, and this is because a degree in computer science opens the door to a career for us in almost every corner of the globe. It is said that knowledge of programming languages ​​will be valued in the future as much as the ability to communicate in foreign languages ​​is valued today. Computer science is the future, which is why in many schools more and more emphasis is placed on developing these skills.

Is IT worth studying? 

Knowledge of IT is very much desired by many employers today. There is probably no industry in which there would not be at least one job for an IT specialist. Managing production, running a business, as well as keeping human resources and accounting, more and more often requires a good understanding of modern technologies. Computer literacy is highly appreciated by all employers. Many people who are well versed in these issues are self-taught. We know the stereotype of a teenager focused on the virtual world, who prefers to hang out in the comfort of his own room and explore computer secrets from noisy parties and going out with friends.

Indeed, many people have learned to be fluent in new technologies in this way. But is it enough? It is rarely possible to circumvent certain formal requirements, therefore, IT studies will certainly offer many new opportunities and open the door to a career. Even if you think you have a good command of computers or programming, your knowledge and skills may not be sufficient, as you will need a diploma to get a good position. Therefore, it is worth enrolling in IT studies, even if we can cope well in the world of new technologies.

Does IT studies have a future?

Computer science studies are chosen by many students as the second major. Thanks to this, they can develop their passions and deepen their interests in topics that are close to them, but at the same time have a chance to obtain a diploma proving incredibly practical skills. For this reason, many universities open extramural studies in computer science, thanks to which people already working have a chance to supplement their skills and improve their qualifications, thus opening the door to completely new career areas. Programming skills are highly valued, but many people find IT issues very enigmatic. Often, even in the event of the slightest failure of an IT system, many people feel helpless. Therefore, an IT specialist is indispensable in every company and institution. If you get a degree in this field, you can be sure that that you will find employment in almost every corner of the country, nothing will prevent you from dreaming about starting a career abroad, because fluent programming skills are much more valued in the IT industry than knowledge of foreign languages. The huge demand for IT specialists in the labor market is the reason why more and more young people decide to obtain a degree in IT.

Is studying computer science for you?

Even if you think that you are able to assimilate a huge amount of knowledge and skills related to computer science yourself, remember that your studies will require your regularity, so that you will not be overcome by “fiery enthusiasm”. During your studies, the lecturers will set you credit deadlines and order you to perform the sentences, thanks to which you will have to mobilize yourself to work. As a student, you will also have the opportunity to participate in various types of projects and additional training, often for free. This will allow you not only to acquire new skills, but also to make contacts that may prove valuable when looking for a job, as you will meet people who will have a chance to notice you and appreciate your commitment. Thanks to this, you will also be able to supplement your CV with some valuable experiences. But remember that studies are primarily designed to teach you to think independently and train in you the ability to independently seek knowledge and new experiences. Therefore, constant improvement of your qualifications and reaching for the latest data related to the state of knowledge in the field of IT will be a necessity. Nobody automatically becomes a programmer or database creator immediately after receiving the diploma, which is why constantly reaching for new experiences in the IT industry is a must.

Probably no field of knowledge is developing as dynamically as it is in the case of computer science. If you intend to study computer science, be prepared for the fact that your knowledge will become outdated very quickly, therefore your work at university, as well as later professional work, will require your openness to the absorption of new information. New technologies are developing very dynamically, which is why IT is a very forward-looking direction for people who are not afraid of challenges.

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