Specjalistyczne szkolenia RODO z zakresu danych osobowych

GDPR specialized training in the field of personal data

From 2018, all business entities are obliged to comply with the protection of personal data in accordance with the applicable regulation of the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union. In order to meet customer expectations, training centers offer comprehensive GDPR training for small, medium and large enterprises. This type of training is conducted throughout the country. There are more and more training centers on the market that offer varied GDPR courses. Companies can train the company’s staff and obtain the necessary certificates. GDPR trainings are adapted to the applicable provisions on the protection of personal data, thanks to which course participants are familiarized with all regulations in this regard. Knowledge of the provisions of the GDPR is necessary in today’s business activity,

GDPR training – characteristics

There are more and more training center offers on the market that have a wide range of courses in the field of personal data protection. The aim of the courses is to comprehensively prepare the company’s staff to enforce the applicable GDPR regulations. The trainee is familiarized with the issues of the GDPR in detail, both through literal studies of the law and the analysis of lawyers’ interpretations in this area.

Types of GDPR training

GDPR training is particularly important in the HR units of enterprises, which is influenced by the constant interpersonal relationship between employees and the company’s administration. Proper preparation of people working in HR cells is important in terms of compliance with the law on the protection of personal data. The training offer of centers conducting courses and training in the handling of personal data includes:

  • practical training in the field of GDPR – the purpose of this type of training is to provide practical knowledge in the field of personal data protection rules included in applicable regulations,
  • course for data protection inspectors – the training prepares a candidate for the position of a data protection officer to independently perform duties in the field of personal data protection in a company,
  • workshops of data protection officers – advanced training for data protection officers aimed at in-depth analysis of the applicable provisions of the GDPR and their proper interpretation based on a case study and practical examples,
  • compendium for data protection officers – the training is aimed at comprehensive preparation of the data protection officer for self-management of the system, as well as acquiring skills in creating a system for the protection of personal data in an enterprise,
  • risk analysis – a training combined with workshops for people who perform activities in the field of risk assessment and data protection impact assessment for the needs of the company
  • GDPR in IT – currently one of the most popular trainings, which is influenced by global computerization in the operations of enterprises. The training is dedicated to system administrators and people working with the use of IT systems who will gain knowledge in the field of personal data protection in force in ICT systems,
  • GDPR in e-commerce – training intended for entrepreneurs operating on the Internet. The largest group of trainees are owners of online stores who are prepared to comply with the provisions of remote activity based on the GDPR. 
  • GDPR in human resources – a form of training covering the principles of personal data processing, taking into account the applicable provisions on the protection of personal data, which are carried out by employees of human resources cells during the performance of tasks related to, inter alia, with employment or recruitment.

The offered courses are dedicated to both experienced people and beginners in the field of personal data protection. The main recipients of the content of the GDPR training should be people dealing with the protection of personal data in the company, i.e. data protection inspectors, people processing personal data, people responsible for data security and managers responsible for data administration in the company.

GDPR training for human resources operating in enterprises

GDPR trainings for employees of human resources are of particular importance in terms of compliance with the provisions on the protection of personal data. Students have the opportunity to learn about the regulations in force in human resources. The training is aimed at providing knowledge, requirements as well as practical guidance on the requirements of the EU regulation. GDPR training for human resources is dedicated to both personnel specialists with many years of experience, and employees starting their business. Trainings usually last several hours, during which the student takes part in a lecture based on a multimedia presentation and participates in a discussion on the issues discussed.