Jak poprawnie dobrać okna do domu

How to correctly choose windows for your home


Certainly everyone has windows at home, it is an element that accompanies us from an early age and there is no chance that you, although you have not opened it once. Recently, many changes have occurred in my life and I have been replacing windows in my house, as it turned out, choosing a window is not a simple and quick thing that we can do just like buying potatoes in the store.

I invite you to the article where you will learn how to choose windows and how much depends on the correct choice.

Let’s start with the fact that, contrary to appearances, windows change over time, I mean their design and trends. I know that the windows are as simple as building a flail, it has to open and close, and looking through the glass we should know our yachts or a collection of extra cars in the parking lot under the villa. However, manufacturers are constantly competing in terms of new solutions to make the window frames more attractive and modernized. Therefore, in view of the latest trends, we can observe minimalist and modern solutions. In addition, we are constantly working to ensure that the window, despite its small size, lets more and more light into the room, which has a significant impact on the atmosphere in that room. Much emphasis is also placed on the economic aspect, I mean the thermal insulation of rooms, which is of great importance in winter periods. In addition, the better the window allows sunlight to pass through, the better the room will be heated, which means lower heating bills. In these modern windows, we can say from this year, we can observe a trend to hide the sash, which is hardly visible or completely hidden. The goal is also to be consistent with the entire housing structure, regardless of the function of the window.

We can observe it well in small towns where the window does not fit into the house, now the window is supposed to be its clear effect, as if I would be here forever and now. Now let’s move on to numbers, in the year two thousand and 17, many energy-saving laws were introduced, more and more emphasis is placed on reducing energy consumption for heating a flat, and windows are the weakest link here, which connects the room with the outside world. In 2021, the regulations will be tightened again and our country will require thermal insulation for windows at the U levelat  not worse than 0.9 W / (m 2K). When it comes to safety, balcony or terrace windows are the weakest link that potential thieves can use and this is a matter not to be underestimated. In order to minimize the risk of burglary, it is necessary to ensure adequate protection of windows, which are a natural access point to the interior. Windows should be equipped with steel anti-burglary catches, which, thanks to the fact that they provide a difficult to force connection between the frame and the sash, protect against burglary. Of course, we must remember that if someone wants to enter our house, sooner or later they will come. We can only make it as difficult for him as possible. Noise is another unwanted thing, windows to the house should provide acoustic comfort to the household. The parameter R w informs about the acoustic properties of the windows, the higher the value of this parameter, the better. R w  = 33 dB gives quite high external noise suppression properties .

However, in areas particularly exposed to noise, windows with the R w coefficient should be used greater than 40 dB. We can now ask ourselves whether it is profitable to spend more on windows or maybe the cheapest option is enough. Here we have to answer the question of what function these windows are to fulfill. If we care about the appearance, it is possible that they will not be the safest windows, but if we care about safety, they will not be the prettiest windows. Of course, the more expensive the windows, the better their quality and they will last longer, and will also make us pay less for heating. Finally, I would like to tell you what it was like for me.

When I was forced to replace almost all the windows in the whole house, after examining it, I found that there was no point in saving what was there, so I undertook the dismantling myself, and the team that installed the windows for me did it quickly, efficiently and in good money, but there is still a question of choice? Of course, we can rely on the service of the store or company where we buy windows, although we must remember that we will look through them for a very long time, so we must like them. There is a very wide range of window types on the market, so do not make rash decisions, just take a few days to visit different points and choose the windows that suit you. Windows are very important and everyone who has built a house or replaced windows in it knows that it is not an easy nut to crack, in my opinion you will be the best adviser and the choice of a window should be made only by the household members. That’s it for my part, thank you for your time and attention devoted to this article.