How much can toughened glass withstand?

Current smartphones offer a lot of possibilities. However, they have one very serious drawback – they can be destroyed very easily. A second is enough to break the display. In turn, repair is extremely long, and its cost sometimes exceeds the value of the phone. However, many companies meet their customers’ expectations and offer adequate screen protection. What is this about? It is a specially adapted tempered glass.

Let’s not believe the promise

The current mobile phones have extremely durable displays than those from a few years ago. Usually, the company that creates the glass called Gorilla Glass is responsible for this. Currently, the fifth or sixth generation is used in telephones. According to the manufacturer’s announcements, the latest generation is able to withstand up to 15 drops from a distance of one meter, for example on paving slabs. However, we should not completely believe all these promises, because every fall is different. The device can therefore be destroyed even after one event. Each of us has certainly met a person or is the person himself who has a cracked display. Such situations are commonplace. Even good-quality smartphone screens cannot withstand the momentum at all during these kinds of falls. You have to be aware that the prices of smartphone screen replacement are really high. In the case of new phones, the amount may well exceed PLN 1,000. In some models and brands of phones, it is up to PLN 2,000,000. What’s more, cheaper phones can replace the screen for just a few hundred zlotys. In this case, usually the price may even exceed the value of your phone itself.

Amazing rescue – tempered glass

Additional tempered glass is a great solution. It not only allows you to save significant costs related to screen replacement, but the price for the toughened glass itself is really attractive. Usually, the amount for a good model is several dozen zlotys, but the cheapest ones can be purchased for about ten zlotys. Of course, the price plays a significant role here. It translates into strength, light transmittance, thickness and also fit. Tempered glass can be safely called the original screen. When you put a high-quality model on your phone, you might not even notice that there is some tempered glass there. In his opinion, it is the very protection of the screen against cracks and scratches.

Even if the original screen is never broken, some scratches will appear over time. However, when toughened glass is used, the problem disappears and, for example, selling an old mobile phone will not have to be reduced in value. The most important thing, however, is that the protection also works best during a fall. It often happens that tempered glass breaks. We can be calm. The screen remains intact at all. That is why it is worth investing a few dozen zlotys all the more to protect yourself from spending several hundred zlotys, and sometimes even more.

The most important issue is certainly the choice of toughened glass for a specific device. Most often, however, we have absolutely no problem with it. Another issue that we must definitely pay attention to is the so-called result, which is expressed on the Mohs scale. This scale determines the hardness and also the scratch resistance. The cheapest glass is hard exactly at the H7 level. The best glasses, on the other hand, have a score of 9H. In turn, the only material in the world with the maximum score of 10 is, of course, diamond. Of course, you can find cheap 9H glass and also very expensive ones. How will they be different from each other? They will differ in their resistance to other types of factors, and they will be well attached to a specific one. Sometimes it is worth to bet on hybrid glass, i.e. toughened glass and foil at the same time.


Each of us should know that immediately after buying a new phone, we should invest in tempered glass. Tempered glass is very often sold in points with telephones. We can install toughened glass at home. It is not difficult at all. We usually have an attached manual. However, when we do not feel very comfortable in such manual things, we should immediately ask the person attending us to put glass on us. The assembly is very quick, so it won’t take long. Very often, we do not pay anything for installing tempered glass. What is what, but then we can be sure that the glass is installed correctly and properly selected. Where to buy tempered glass? In principle, we can use stationary stores as well as online stores. As a rule, we offer much lower prices online. What is what, but when we manage to save a little money, we will not get angry. However, let’s pay attention to the quality of the glass. Let’s not be influenced only by the price. Sometimes it’s better to choose a better glass and pay a little extra.