Na co zwrócić uwagę kupując łóżko do sypialni?

What to look for when buying a bed for the bedroom?

What to look for when buying a bed for the bedroom? The bed for the bedroom is a key element of this room. In order for this piece of furniture to provide us with comfort and ensure a healthy sleep, it must first of all be comfortable. It is also the starting point for choosing the right model. In addition, an important issue is also the size of the space that we have to develop and the aesthetics of no less importance. In order to be able to fully enjoy the purchase, it is worth considering which model will be the best complement to the arrangement and will fit into the style prevailing in the bedroom. Manufacturers offer a wide range of models made in many styles and of various materials. So what is worth paying special attention to before buying it?

The size and height of the bed as a starting point

Comfort is the most important thing and it is indisputable. Comfort consists of many factors, including the dimensions of the bed, i.e. its width, length and height. So before we make a decision, we need to consider a few other issues. First, will the bed be good for two people? In the case of single beds, the standard width, at which we can speak of comfort, is at least 90 cm. If, however, the bed is to be a double bed, it is worth choosing those from 140 cm up, depending on how much space we have in the bedroom. If our space is very limited, we can put on  beds continental, which will save us a few centimeters.

They do not have a frame, and the mattress is placed on a crate, not embedded in a frame, as in the classic models. When choosing a bedit is also worth considering whether children will visit us there. In this case, 140 cm is definitely not enough and you should aim for a width of 160 cm and above. Another thing is the length of the bed. While in most cases the standard two meters should work, people who are over 190 cm tall will not feel comfortable. The solution then is to purchase a non-standard length. Last but not least, the height of the frame. A perfectly matched frame with the mattress should allow us to sit on the bed with the legs bent at right angles. The optimal height will be 40-50 cm. The distance between the frame and the mattress from the floor is important, above all, to allow air to circulate freely. It ‘s also easier to get up from a high bed .

Material selection

If the choice of dimensions is already behind us, we can move on to the material of interest to us, from which the bed is to be made. We can choose wooden, metal and upholstered beds. Lovers of natural materials will certainly not have problems making a decision. Wooden bedsthey are timeless, comfortable and fit almost any style. They will work in both traditional and modern arrangements. If we properly care for such a piece of furniture, it will serve us for many years. The second type we can choose is an upholstered bed. This type of furniture will make the bedroom cozier and elegant at the same time.

This is a good solution for people who like unusual furniture. An additional advantage of such beds is that we can almost freely choose from countless materials, textures and colors. Therefore, matching to a specific style should not be difficult. The last of the discussed types are beds  metal. An option for people who appreciate original design and durability. A good quality metal frame can withstand a lot. However, this style will not match everything. The metal structure will work in industrial or small rooms, which will not be overwhelmed by its dimensions.

Headrest and storage function

In addition to the most important issues, such as dimensions and material, we can choose a bed with accessories. A headrest is an option for people who not only sleep in the bedroom, but also like to read a book, watch a movie or even work on a laptop. The comfortable and soft head of the bed will allow you to rest comfortably and find the optimal position for these activities. As for the storage function, we can opt for a bed with a chest or pull-out drawers. Both options will allow you to expand your storage space and save some space. In these places, we can successfully store additional bedding or other things.


This inconspicuous element can affect whether the bed and mattress will be comfortable or not. The structure of the frame resembles a ladder on which the mattress rests. The best solutions are those made of flexible wood that works with the mattress and the movements of the person sleeping on it. The flexible material is also supposed to adapt to the body and respond appropriately to the load. When choosing, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the slats are not spaced too densely. The mattress must breathe, and the frame should not block the air circulation necessary for proper sleep hygiene. Before buying, we must make sure that the model of the bed we have chosen does not have a built-in frame in its structure. This may be the case, for example, in continental beds.