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The best ideas for using a trade island

The best ideas for using a trade island. One of the most important elements to be successful in business is reaching the customer. Companies spend tens of thousands of zlotys on advertising. It would seem that the best place to earn money in the 21st century is the Internet. It’s hard to disagree with this statement. However, this does not change the fact that there are other ways to be able to start selling your products. An interesting idea is to invest in a trade island, i.e. a small stand located in the passage of a shopping mall.

If we find the right place and offer interesting goods – we can gain many customers in a short time. After all, it’s hard to find a more crowded place than a shopping mall. So we can see that we shouldn’t have any major problems with reaching the potential buyer. There are, however, fundamental questions: what to use our trade island for? What products or services will interest the customer? This article will certainly help you make your decision. Here are some interesting business ideas using the trade island.

Selling seasonal fruit

We start with the classics of the genre. The trading island  is the perfect place to sell seasonal fruit. The advantage of this business is the fact that it has a large group of potential consumers. Who doesn’t like to taste fresh strawberries, grapes or cherries? The owner of the stand does not have to invest a lot of money to equip it with products. You do not need to have any particular knowledge to pursue this business. The biggest disadvantage is the high competition. The competition for the client is considerable and not everyone will be able to find their way in it.

Jewelery trade

Imagine you are walking in a shopping mall. You walk at a leisurely pace, you visit more shops. At some point, you remember that a person important to you has a holiday today. You react nervously because you forgot your gift. So you are quickly looking for a place where you can make a purchase. Suddenly you come across a jewelry stand. Was there a better choice? Jewelry trade is another interesting idea for the development of a commercial island. In this case, we need some knowledge. We need to find out what products are very popular; where to get the goods and how to check if it is worth the money; and finally, how to encourage a customer to buy. Once we learn this knowledge and gain some experience, we can develop a profitable business from it.

Sale of souvenirs and regional products

There are many factors that contribute to success in this industry. First of all, we have to choose the right location, i.e. a city often visited by tourists. It is quite logical – every tourist is our potential client. The more visitors, the greater the chance of earning money. Another issue is a serious approach to the consumer. The times when people bought sand from the sea are long gone. Today, a tourist wants to buy a product that will remind him of visiting a given place. Postcards, photo albums of the place visited, fridge magnets, regional delicacies – such goods may be of interest to potential buyers. The biggest disadvantages of running such a business are high competition and seasonality (such stands as a rule, it is carried out during the holiday season).

Repair and sale of mobile phones

This is a good business idea for technology lovers. The trading island is great for opening a stand with the repair and sale of mobile phones. Nowadays, the smartphone is one of the most important devices for us. It enables us to contact our friends and is helpful in doing work or studying. We can buy a mobile phone quickly via websites. However, there is a large group of people who prefer to make sure that their decision is right before buying. Such people need good advice and see the phone live before buying. Here is an opportunity for us. By opening such a stand, we meet the expectations of this group of customers. If we have extensive knowledge in the field of technology and we know how to sell our product – there is a high probability of success. The advantage of this business is the high demand for these services and direct contact with the customer, which allows them to encourage a purchase. The downside is competition and the need to have a lot of knowledge about the industry in which we operate. Unfortunately, the smartphone market is not the simplest one.

Candy stand

This is a great idea for a profitable business. Certainly, each of us witnessed a situation when a child, walking with a parent, stopped at such a stand, asking them to buy sweets. However, children aren’t the only potential customers. Sweets are also a weakness of many adults. We can see that there will be plenty of consumers. Now it remains to stock up on goods that will be worth tasting. The trick is not to get a client, but to keep him with you. Lollipops, sweet rolls, donuts, cookies, cakes – these are just a few of the products that can find their buyers. The trading island is the right place to sell sweets. The customer has all the goods in view, and the purchase process itself is very smooth. The most important thing is that the sweets sold should be really tasty. Then success is practically guaranteed. The biggest disadvantages of running this business are the necessity to obtain permits to trade in food. Some may also have trouble storing it. It is not always possible to sell everything.