Zaproszenia ślubne – gotowe lub zrobione ręcznie

Wedding invitations – ready-made or handmade

Wedding invitations – ready-made or handmade. Wedding is the most important day in our life. No one is surprised that we want everything to be buttoned up to the last button. We want to take care of every detail. Wedding invitations are such a detail.

Invitations in accordance with the theme of the wedding and reception

After agreeing on the date, time and place of the ceremony, wedding invitations are another element that we must take care of. However, we shouldn’t buy any random invitations. It is very important that, before we decide to buy invitations, to know the specific style or theme of our wedding and wedding reception. Basically, each bride and groom decides to choose a style or the already mentioned leitmotif. This is the norm these days. Therefore, we should make every effort to see exactly what we expect after the wedding date. Moreover, the wedding venue should also be chosen according to the theme . We are not able to create a boho or seventies theme in every restaurant. There are places where organizationally it can be achieved without any major problem.

So when we know the date of the ceremony, the main theme of the party, then we choose the right place for this important event, and then the wedding invitations that will be consistent with the theme of the wedding and reception.

Where can we buy invitations?

When it comes to wedding invitations, we have a huge selection these days. We can go to a stationery store or to special stores and points where we can find wedding accessories. We have a really big choice in these places. However, nothing can compare to the web.

Because it is on the Internet that we have many interesting online stores that specialize only in wedding invitations or in the sale of wedding accessories. Thanks to this, we are able to really choose the perfect invitations for ourselves.

We encourage you to compare the prices of specific invitations. Because sometimes we can meet with a large range of even the same projects. The producer’s or seller’s mark-up does its job.

And what expense do we have to take into account when buying wedding invitations? In fact, this question cannot be answered unequivocally. It is a very individual matter. We can buy invitations even for 1 PLN (then these are cheap invitations, the most standard ones), but we can also buy invitations for a dozen or even several dozen zlotys. The choice is ours. In the case of the more expensive versions, these are untapped invitations. These are usually custom-made invitations, for example with a photo of the Bride and Groom.

How about doing it yourself?

Each of us knows and is aware that organizing a wedding and reception is a big undertaking. It really costs us a lot. Many young couples decide to save money where it is at all possible. Interestingly, you can really save on wedding invitations. At the same time, no one tells us to buy the cheapest models. So what’s the way to do that? The way is to make them by hand.

In such a situation, we can watch the project on the web or get inspired by something interesting. Remember that there are a lot of wedding blogs where we really are inundated with inspiration. If we already have a project that we would like to transfer to implementation, it is worth visiting the paper warehouse . In one place we can buy a lot of decorations for invitations, paper and other interesting gadgets to use. In this way, we not only have cheap, but the choice is huge. We do not have to decide on decorations that we do not like fully or are of a different color.

Of course, we can also buy such accessories online without any problem.

Interestingly, everything that is hand-made is now back in favor. These are things appreciated. So when we give a hand-made wedding invitation to our guests, we will surely gain in their eyes and they will be very pleased. They will appreciate our effort and commitment to it all. They will know that we didn’t take the easy way, but we really try.


As you can see, there are many options for wedding invitations. Let’s consider what we decide on and go this way. We will definitely be able to create ourselves or buy such invitations that we will be fully satisfied with and will look beautiful. Fortunately, today’s reality means that with the right amount of money, there are no material things that cannot be bought. Having a really large budget, we can even commission a graphic designer to design an invitation and in this way we will get something really original. However, we have to take into account additional costs here. So when we belong to the Young Couples, which, however, considering the savings, we better try to make the invitations by hand, and I guarantee you that it will be beautiful. We have absolutely no doubts about that.