Moving an office – a compendium of knowledge

Every company sooner or later thinks about changing the location of its office. Then the question arises: how to find a company that quickly carries out office removals ? When moving company things, not only time matters, but also high care for all transported items. For this reason, finding a professional company to  move an office, contrary to appearances, is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. In today’s article, we explain how to prepare for  an office move and how to find a professional company that will transport all the necessary items and devices for us. 

Office relocation – how to do it?

Moving the office is an extremely serious matter. This task should be entrusted to professionals, not an accidental porter. Each company has a number of documents that cannot get into the wrong hands or get lost. For this reason, the right choice of a moving company is very important. This task must be approached very sensibly and responsibly. Otherwise, many company property may be lost or stolen when moving.

Before deciding to choose a specific company to move offices,It is also worth considering whether we will pack all the equipment belonging to the company on our own, or whether we will also entrust this task to the hired team. If you do not want a stranger to deal with company documents, it is best to do these activities yourself. Then it is enough to order a company specializing in the transport of furniture. Moving the office will of course also involve transporting all electronic equipment belonging to the company. Of course, we are talking about monitors, computers, printers, photocopiers and larger elements of office furniture. Many companies offering office removal services have special crates that are designed to transport such items. Just in case, it is worth collecting cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, stretch foil and adhesive tape.

Efficient organization is a priority

If the preparation of the move will not be entrusted to an external company, then individual people should be assigned to perform various activities related to the preparation of the move. The person in charge of all activities should also prepare an inventory of all items in the office. Then it will be much easier to make a decision about transporting or throwing away various devices. Many companies, when moving their office , also decide to completely change the interior design, which is why a large part of the items must be put up for sale.

Ordering the right transport company is extremely important. It is worth knowing that even companies that have delivery vehicles in stock very rarely move offices on their own . This is due to the fact that in the event of any damage or theft, the company will have to cover the costs itself. When using the services of an external company for removals, in the event of any damage, you can apply for compensation, the amount of which will be adequate to the amount of the actual defects. Such a security means that the vast majority of companies prefer to issue a transport order and find a carrier that will undertake the comprehensive removal of the office for a specified amount .

How to prepare items from the office for moving?

Before the furniture and electrical appliances are picked up by the transport company, they will need to be properly packed. At the very beginning, you have to throw away all items located in cabinets and drawers. It is best to gather all company documents in one place – this way we avoid the risk that one of the important documents will be lost or damaged. The company documentation should be guarded by one dedicated person at all times.

The furniture can be disassembled or fully covered with foil – it all depends on how large the vehicles the rented company has. Before wrapping the furniture, you must first remove all the drawers. On the corners of the furniture, you can place special polystyrene corners, so that they will not be damaged when being brought into the car. All electronic devices in the company must be treated with great care – of course, we are talking about monitors, printers, computers, laptops, etc. All these items must be wrapped with bubble wrap several times to minimize the risk of damage.

Each item must be placed in previously prepared cardboard boxes. All cartons need to be signed to make the unpacking process more efficient. Items with the same purpose should be placed in one carton.