Gdzie warto zorganizować zabawę weselną?

Where is it worth organizing a wedding party?

The decision to stay together for the rest of your life is not only a very intimate experience between partners, but also an opportunity to share this joy with a wider family and friends. For this reason, the newlyweds usually organize a party right after the ceremony, which can last up to several days  . It depends on what place they choose, whether wedding dresses or other, sometimes very unusual clothes will be the obligatory attire . Where are weddings most often organized, what is fashionable, where to find inspiration?

Wedding halls

Wedding halls are the most common places for partying. These are places where each weekend in the schedule a year ahead is usually busy. During the week, these objects are empty or are prepared for the next celebration with the help of the bride and groom and witnesses. In these places, we most often see classic party sets: men in suits, and ladies in  dresses for the wedding .

One floor higher in the hierarchy of typical solutions, which are often chosen by newlyweds, there are hotels with appropriate facilities in the form of a ballroom. The presence of a well-stocked restaurant is a natural thing, and the accommodation base above the heads of people having fun is an ideal solution for families with children and relatives coming from distant corners of the country and the world. For the owners of the facility, combining a wedding business with a tourist business is particularly profitable, because the organization of events involves a constant flow of cash, regardless of the season.

Castles and palaces

Castles and palaces, which are the object of the sighs of many young couples, are usually also hotels, but of a higher standard. In such places, dresses for weddings can change from light and tight to heavier and ballroom dresses. Excellent conditions and beautiful memories pay a high bill for hoteliers, so not every couple can afford their own ball at the castle. Is life savings worth giving up on such a whim? Rather not, because among hotels there are many interesting places with prices around PLN 180 per person, and such a budget already allows you to organize something interesting for a large number of people.


The latest trend is barn weddings. This migration to the countryside is a form of longing for the former peace and closeness to nature. Unfortunately, not everyone can move to the farm on a daily basis, but this one day can be lived in such an environment. Along with the premises, the setting changes completely, both in terms of music and infrastructure. Elegant tables are replaced with wooden, high-gloss tiled floors and hay, and classic disco polo is replaced by a local folk band. Dresses for the wedding and other items of clothing that accompany not only the most important couple of the evening, but also guests, can also be regional . A very good choice is to use Slavic themes that are storming their way into pop culture . Thanks to the extraordinary popularity of this type of patterns, it is not difficult to find the right set of clothes in stationary and online stores in Poland.

Fun outdoors

Playing outdoors can also be exciting. The only problem with our latitude is the changeable weather and the fact that it cannot be predicted in advance. Planning an outdoor wedding can therefore be very risky and it is good to protect yourself in this situation. A great option is to use the well-kept garden belonging to the restaurant, which in case of bad weather can accommodate families playing under its roof. The most picturesque places are those with access to a lake or a pond in addition to a green area. Such a combination guarantees an unforgettable experience for all wedding guests.

Wedding dinner

An intimate reception in the form of a wedding dinner is also a more and more frequent case. Such an event is not related to the dance fun, so the bride and groom gain a wider choice of venues. Also those that usually have a problem with free terms during a typical Saturday time. Not everyone is also in favor of the traditional look of the event. Bold, party dresses for a wedding in this case can be left in the wardrobe, and the obligatory outfit is rather subdued elegance. Usually, a small group of people is invited to the ceremony, consisting of the immediate family of each partner. This solution is not only convenient, but also less expensive.

A wedding can be spent in many ways, but the place and the environment in which it is organized are also important. Therefore, before deciding on the choice of the right place, you should carefully consider not only the preferences and dreams of both parties, but also the upper limit of the budget. On its basis, you can select several places found on the Internet, which should then be carefully checked in reality. Before the guests don festive suits and fancy dresses for the wedding , all formalities and organizational matters must be buttoned up to the last button, while fulfilling some of your innermost dreams for one of the most important days in life.