Popularne zabiegi kosmetyczne. Jakie wybrać?

Popular beauty treatments. Which one to choose?

Cosmetic treatments performed in cosmetic establishments or clinics designed for this purpose include not only face treatments, but also hands, feet and the whole body. Hand and foot treatments are especially important for women, after all hands are their calling card. They are used not only to moisturize the skin, but also to take care of the condition of the nails.

Treatments for beautiful nails

One of the well-known cosmetic treatments that has been used for a long time is a paraffin bath. This treatment can be done at home. As a result, the skin of the hands becomes moisturized and dryness is alleviated. This type of procedure can be performed at home. You should wash your hands, remove jewelry, then prepare a paraffin bath, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. We dip our hand in it and take it out, wait for the wax to set slightly and put it back in six or seven times. Put a plastic bag on your hands, cover it with a towel. After 20-30 minutes, take off the wocloth with wax. Professional manicure is very popular. There are many options to choose from, for example a regular manicure, hybrid varnishes, gel nails, acrylic nails, titanium nails. Thermal water works great for hand care, it has a refreshing, moisturizing effect and soothes irritations. Sugar peeling is a very pleasant procedure that can also be performed at home. Its task is to gently exfoliate the epidermis, making the skin of the hand smooth.

Cosmetic treatments for feet

The feet are often neglected, especially when we hide in socks and shoes, we are reminded of them when it is necessary to put on open shoes, e.g. sandals or flip-flops. The biggest problem we have with our feet is cracked heels, which is nothing more than proof that we didn’t care for them. It is important to remember to exfoliate the epidermis regularly and moisturize it. A pedicure is a very frequently used cosmetic procedure. This treatment consists in exfoliating the epidermis of the feet, removing the cuticles and then massaging the cream in. At the very end, the toenails are painted with conditioners and nail polish. Body beauty treatments are also very diverse. The most common are anti-cellulite activities. Cosmetic stores offer numerous creams, butters and oils that reduce orange peel. These cosmetics can be used in home treatments. Of course, professional beauty salons offer treatments to reduce obesity. Another body treatment is laser hair removal, which effectively removes unwanted hair for a long time. Hair removal can also be performed with the use of wax, patches and creams.

Beauty treatments for the body

You can also use beauty treatments for the whole body to stimulate the production of collagen and other ingredients, which improves skin tone and smoothes it. Recently, Chinese cupping massage, which can also be performed at home, has become very popular. This type of cosmetic procedure allows you to fight the orange peel. Before the treatment begins, the skin should be rubbed with anti-cellulite cream or oil. This will allow easier and less painful handling of the cup and will contribute to better absorption of the preparation. The massage consists in making vertical movements from the bottom to the top, from the knees to the heart, in such a way that the device does not detach from the skin, but sucks it all the time. Then the skin should be massaged with circular or zigzag movements. The effects of this cosmetic procedure are gained thanks to the fact that the pressure in the cup stimulates the blood and lymph circulation in the subcutaneous tissue, and this causes the clusters of fatty tissues to be excreted from the body. Only eight minutes of massage a day are enough for the skin to become firmer and get a nice color. Other types of cosmetic procedures are designed to remove stretch marks.

Take care of your health and mood

The cosmetic procedures are described above which can be performed in beauty salons and in the comfort of your home. Specialist points have almost perfectly designed room equipment, which puts you in a good mood and makes treatments even more enjoyable. The setting and decor of our rooms, where we carry out cosmetic treatments at home, are also important. Candles, like nothing, and yet… They set the mood, even better when they are aromatherapeutic. Currently, there is a really large offer of various, smaller, larger, colored, white, etc. candles on the market. What reaches our ears is also important, so it’s worth taking care of relaxing music. The great advantage of home beauty treatments is the fact that they can be performed whenever you want and time, but remember that that regularity is very important. Do not forget to remove makeup, apply creams, lotions or body butters, once a week you should make a cleansing mask, try the nourishing and moisturizing ones. The basic principle in cosmetic procedures performed in professional beauty salons and home spas is the appropriate selection of cosmetics appropriate to our skin.