Catering dla firm - Magiczna moc posiłków

Catering for companies – The magic power of meals

It is difficult to organize company meetings and all kinds of events without even coffee and a small cake, but even such an issue requires very good organization. There are two options, we can do it ourselves, but you have to take into account that it will take some time, starting from making the appropriate purchases, ending with arranging the table with a snack, and possibly cleaning it. Therefore, catering for companies is a very good and interesting option. 

A well-chosen company can create the whole atmosphere of the event, because is there anything more pleasant than a cup of good coffee in good company or a small meal during a training break? Currently, this type of service is very professionally performed, you can easily entrust the organization of refreshments to an external company and focus on what is most important, i.e. the substantive value of the meeting.

When choosing catering for companies, you must first of all take into account the nature of the event being organized. We will order a different catering for a full-day training, while a completely different one for an employee meeting or product presentation. The meeting place also has an impact, you need to take into account the amount of space to be arranged during the cocktail break, so that everything has arms and legs. The number of invited people also defines the type of catering for companies and the choice of the appropriate company, we will choose another company to serve 30 people in the room, and completely different, when it will be necessary to handle 150 people. Depending on your needs, there are several catering options for companies, which we write about below.

Cocktail break

If you do not want to serve full meals during the break, the cocktail break option will be perfect. During the event, participants can freely walk to the table covered with drinks and small snacks in the form of sandwiches, cakes and snacks. The participants then use it on their own, most often eating a meal standing up. Small portions of food make this much easier. This option does not require a lot of space. All you need is one long table placed against the wall, for example, along with the treat and the necessary plates and cutlery. Such a break is a great opportunity to get to know the participants of the meeting better. It encourages conversations, perfectly connects groups of people who return after it for training that is changed and much less tense than before. It will work equally well during company meetings, training courses or product presentations. This option is also very often used by all kinds of cosmetic companies on their antennas.

Buffet break for a meal

This type of break consists in the fact that the participants of the meeting sit at the covered tables. Catering for companies prepares a meal usually consisting of two courses. It’s good if they are simple and tasty dishes that most people like. You can bet on the classic, which is a thick and aromatic sour soup with breaded pork chop and steamed vegetables. There should also be fresh fruit on the tables. However, this option requires the organizers to allocate a little more space for catering for companies. If there is a free room or dining room in the place where the meeting takes place, it will be perfect during the buffet break. The cost of such catering for companies is higher than for cocktail catering. Therefore, it is most often used when the number of people does not exceed 40 people. This option is also more festive and elegant. It can also be the culmination of the meeting, when, after talks and presentations, everyone sits down at the table together and discuss the issues. It also allows you to toast, for example, to new arrangements or current team work.

A full meal

It is the most expensive catering option for companies and at the same time the most formal. During the festival, guests are served by waiters who serve several dishes to the table. It is well received during meetings with important business clients who feel treated exceptionally during such a dinner. With this option, however, the menu for guests should be chosen more carefully, so that it takes into account the preferences of all guests. Therefore, we must not forget about vegans who make up a significant part of society. Thanks to this, meatless people will not be hungry and dissatisfied.

A coffee break

It is the least engaging catering for companies type of buffet, during a break it is good to have tables with hot coffee and tea for guests, along with a small snack in the form of cakes or cookies. During it, the participants support themselves and have time to talk to each other. This option works well for corporate meetings and meetings that don’t last too long.

Eating during company meetings is a very important issue, it is not without reason that when a Pole is hungry, it is angry. Full guests are happy guests who are easier to work with and negotiate. Therefore, it is worth taking care of appropriate catering for companies during the meetings, which ensures the satisfaction of people staying at the event.

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