Recuperation and heat pumps – a quick guide

Recuperation and heat pumps – a quick guide. Today we are dealing with a very fierce fight in the arena of heating our own homes. More and more often, more and more proven, but above all more effective and economical methods of obtaining heating energy are being sought. One is to invest in something like recuperation and heat pumps . What is the division of heating tasks between the heat pump and the recuperator? What are the advantages of this solution and what will we gain from it? About all this – below.

Recuperation and heat pumps – what is their common use?

When investing in a system based on  recuperation and heat pumps  we actually buy two devices that will work together, and which will be integrated with our ventilation system (this is why the implementation of this system is recommended especially at the stage of building a house, to skillfully plan it and make it as effective as possible).

The recuperator plays the role of an air handling unit in all this. It is thanks to him that the air circulates properly – but most importantly, this device allows you to  recover heat from used air , which leaves the house through ventilation. This is especially important in winter, when we want fresh air – opening the windows to let it in means that we lose energy, which will then have to be replenished, of course at a greater cost.

The second part of the system, i.e. the heat pump, is something typically used to obtain energy from renewable sources. These can be atmospheric air, surface (or underground) water, and even the ground itself – so thanks to the pump we are able to save a lot. Nevertheless, the implementation of the entire system is associated with the cost of several dozen thousand zlotys – especially if we mix up the photovoltaic systems. In addition, there is recuperation and a heat pump (a recuperator is used for the first one), which also cost money. However, their cost pays off over time, and therefore it is future-proof .

Houses with an implemented recuperation system have a lower energy demand – energy is not lost in them, thanks to which the main heating system works more efficiently,

Advantages of using a heating system based on recuperation and heat pump?

There is a reason why more and more people who have their own homes are investing in recuperation and heat pumps . All due to the fact that the system based on them works perfectly in action, which is not only a theory, but something confirmed by many years of practice and millions of people from around the world who praise its use. The most important advantages of the entire installation are that:

      • it is ecological – thanks to the fact that the air is subjected to “heat recycling”, and therefore when it is brought outside, we take away some of the heat that has already been transferred to it and we give it to the admitted air, the need to use a different (usually non-ecological) heating system is smaller ;
      • it is very easy to expand – the system is very friendly to expansion, especially in terms of investing in additional renewable energy sources (for example solar collectors) – therefore its efficiency can be adjusted to our own needs;
      • allows you to save – as we mentioned earlier, by recovering the heat released from the house, we are able to save a lot of money on bills; especially if we use efficient renewable energy sources, which we can use for other purposes, not necessarily related to heating;
      • it allows you to be healthier – we live in a time when every city (also the smaller one) is heavily industrialized and where the air quality does not fully meet the highest standards; the recuperator can be equipped with various classes of air filters , which allow cleaning the air of larger pollutants (such as sand, insects falling into the ventilation system or dust), but also smaller ones, for example closely related to smog;
      • we do not have to open windows – in the rooms of our house, thanks to the entire system, we can constantly enjoy the most optimal temperature and fresh air – we do not have to additionally obtain them, for example by opening windows and airing.


When approaching the topic of heating your own home, you should be aware that a well-implemented system should take into account ventilation – because it is from the process of air circulation through it that the greatest heat losses occur. Recuperation and heat pumps  allow to counteract this loss, while not interfering with the inflow of fresh air to other rooms. It has many other advantages, among which it is possible to clean the air while it is being heated when letting it into the house. It is certainly worth paying attention to all this – even if the implementation may cost a bit, the benefits will certainly pay back this cost over time.