Domy drewniane to przyszłość!

Wooden houses are the future!

Wooden houses are one of those options you might want to consider. It has been assumed that frame houses are less durable than brick ones. Wood seems to be a material that is not very durable. This is because we usually assume that
wooden houses were built only in the Middle Ages and were the domain of the poor.
Meanwhile, these thatched huts were so durable. Only fire could digest them, which is a slight obstacle, but nothing is insurmountable. Nowadays, in the US and Canada, people voluntarily buy and then leave
their wooden houses to move to another end of the country and live in another
wooden house. Obviously, this is not a sensible approach on their part, since w
there are very violent atmospheric phenomena in those regions. In Poland, however
, we do not have this problem.

Why are wooden houses better than brick houses?

Wooden houses, however, are cheaper than brick houses and this is their main advantage. If
we want to spend money also on the development of the plot,
we will be forced to choose a slightly cheaper option. Choosing a cheaper option
for a brick house, and choosing materials that are of inferior quality, is
pointless. Such houses will not serve us long. In addition, it turns out that we will
have to renovate, rebuild and repair them every now and then. As a result,
we will spend a lot of money anyway . However, it will not wait for us when we decide
on wooden houses. Their proper maintenance will make them serve
for decades on a par with brick houses. And how much sooner
will we have such a house!

Wooden houses are also becoming more and more popular in Poland. Their growing influence
on the market came from the fact that people decided that the production of these would be slightly faster than the
production of those made of bricks. If we live in harmony with nature and
we care about ecology, we will build a house of this type. It is quite energy efficient.
Representatives of the State Forests strongly support the construction of wooden houses.
This may come as a surprise because, by definition, environmentalists do not recommend cutting trees, although in
this particular case it is very desirable because it serves nature in various
ways (the way of creating such a house is ecological, waste
decomposes quickly ). Obtaining similar parameters as in a wooden house, in the case of
a brick house will require a bit more work, but also,
above all, huge financial and material outlays. With a house made of
wood, we get quite similar characteristics in an easier, less labor-intensive and
much faster way.

To believe in the usefulness of wooden houses, one should first of all realize
that building a property of 150 square meters takes
about a month. Such a house does not cost a lot ( a wooden house – price list ), it is about PLN 100,000 when
building a wooden property. We can also save on foundations –
they are lighter, so they do not require a thick base, as is the case with
brick houses . In addition, when building wooden houses, we can let our
imagination run wild and – when it comes to wooden houses – we should choose good,
dried wood. As with brick houses, we shouldn’t
save on the quality of materials, as this may ultimately
reduce the life of our property. Of course, as a result, it
often happens that this high quality also affects the price. We also need to
hire professionals who will know their stuff. However, there is not much
competition on the market , despite the growing popularity of this solution.
To choose a good company dealing in the construction  of wooden houses Szczecin, we should
definitely visit internet forums. Looking at the offers themselves on Google may
not be enough for us . This is because the market is quite narrow and we don’t know exactly which solution is better. There are people at construction forums who will explain to us how
cope well with the construction of a wooden house. They will also show us the companies that
will handle the case best. Here, in turn, we will need social media. Thanks to
Facebook or Google opinions, we will find out what other people think about the company we chose to
perform the work. Of course, there is a rule on the Internet that a dissatisfied customer
will always leave a message, while a satisfied customer can only give a “like”. However, this does not change the
fact that the stories we are going to read will give us some insight into the matter.
Wooden houses and their construction are not so well-known. It is also worth talking to the
builders themselves. We can certainly confront any negative
opinions with their own experience. It may turn out that he is dissatisfied
comment was left by an unpopular competitor. In this case, we will be able to judge for ourselves
which version of the story is more credible in our eyes. Anyway,
let’s invest in wooden houses – they will allow us to
live long, comfortable and, above all, very cheap.

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