How to organize cheap holidays abroad?

Nowadays, we travel more and more often. A dozen or so years ago, holidays abroad were usually associated with the domain of wealthy people and unfortunately hardly any of the average citizens could afford them. Currently, in the era of cheap airlines and portals offering accommodation at very decent prices, cheap holidays abroad is something common. 

Therefore, almost every working citizen can treat himself to an exotic holiday at least once a year.

Sometimes all you need is a bit of willingness and self-denial to find a real – great opportunity …

How to plan cheap holidays abroad?

The climatic and sunny south of Europe, and even further tourist destinations going beyond our continent do not have to remain only in the sphere of distant dreams, postponed for better times. Today, we can very often buy airline tickets at incredibly low prices, and we can sleep in a cozy and clean apartment – and not necessarily in a five-star hotel. Especially if we are focused on very intensive sightseeing – and we only intend to spend the nights in the rented accommodation.

Fans of blissful laziness and all inclusive holidays can also catch a real price bargain – just follow all current promotions on the websites of travel agencies and other search engines for holiday offers.

We can often book a holiday at a very favorable price well in advance or typically a few days before the departure itself – the so-called last minute.

It is also worth joining any forums and discussion groups containing threads such as “cheap holidays abroad” , because often there we can buy a vacation for up to half the price from people who, for some reason, will not be able to fly to it.

Therefore, it is worth defining your holiday goals at the very beginning and how you intend to spend your holiday – actively visiting or resting lazily? Or maybe both?

Cheap airline tickets and a flat for pennies… ..

Very often, in popular flight search engines we can find tickets at incredibly low prices. Especially if we do not have a strictly defined departure and return date and we are slightly flexible in this matter. When searching for cheap airline tickets, remember not to click several times on the flight dates you are interested in – because in this way we raise the prices ourselves. If the website has more views, the ticket price will automatically increase. When choosing a  holiday abroad in a group of several people, it is worth sharing the tasks with the participants of the trip and commissioning one person to search for tickets.

Others, in turn, can look for a flat, apartment or hotel in the location that interests us.

Nowadays, very often private people rent whole houses or apartments to tourists for really good money. Usually, these flats are perfectly furnished and equipped and adapted to host tourists, which is an excellent alternative to  holidays abroad. Not only that, by spending the night in this way, we not only save money – but we can also feel the extraordinary atmosphere of the place we are going to – spending our holidays in a real Italian or Maltese house and using items used by its inhabitants on a daily basis. While drinking a cup of morning coffee on their terrace or relaxing in their comfortable armchair.

True fans of adventure can book several nights in various, attractive places in the area where they go on their cheap holidays abroad and move between them by local transport, for example by trains, ferries or buses. Renting a car is also an advantageous option.

Weekend abroad – a great alternative for a short break.

Daily, full-time work and the sheer volume of home duties make us feel overworked and burnt out … We need to recharge our batteries quickly. A great alternative for this purpose may be a quick weekend trip abroad – to some sunny and small place in terms of area.

A perfect place for such a short escapade can be a sunny and comparable surface to our Krakow Malta or Monaco, or the Canary Islands where we can catch a beautiful and golden tan even in the typically winter months.

It is important that the place to which we fly is small, because thanks to this we will not waste too much valuable time getting from the airport to our accommodation and return – which gives us much more time to explore and discover the area.

We can plan such cheap weekend holidays abroad even without asking the supervisor for a few days off – if we leave on Friday after work, and return straight to her on Monday, as long as our work mode allows us to make such a trip. If we want to slightly extend the trip, we can only book a vacation for Friday and Monday, thanks to which, starting on Thursday afternoon and returning on Tuesday at dawn, we gain as many as 4 valuable days for sightseeing and relaxing abroad.