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What does an orthopedist do?

What does an orthopedist do? Not everyone is aware of the wide specialization of orthopedics. For some, an orthopedic surgeon is still a person who mainly corrects posture defects – although he can also really solve this problem, this statement limits the scope of his skills. What is the real role of an orthopedic surgeon?

The task of an orthopedic doctor is to solve the problems of our entire musculoskeletal system, but also to solve the problems of the spine itself. Therefore, this applies not only to the skeletal system (without the skull), but also to our muscles, joints and ligaments. If we encounter various problems, an orthopedist will help us. Most often, these are sprains, sprains or fractures, but in the case of various types of degeneration, genetic problems or some cancers, orthopedists will also help us. Therefore, you can see that his range of knowledge and skills is indeed very wide.

Orthopedist – scope of activity

Orthopedic surgeons from Ortho Expert diagnose and treat, but we must not forget about the prophylaxis itself. In this case, it is a posture defect that always exists, which the youngest patients often have to deal with. In this case, it is worth going to an orthopedic doctor – the sooner we deal with these defects, the better for us. Our children will also thank us – early treatment means early termination of treatment, and ignoring such problems can lead to more serious problems in the future. Of course, we should avoid this situation at all costs. Orthopedics will also help us with various diseases, such as Scheuermann’s disease or Ollier’s disease.

Need to see an orthopedic surgeon

There are several situations in which we should decide to visit an orthopedist . If a given problem is only at the stage of our suspicion, it is worth checking it out, and the orthopedist will also help us. Remember that visits to an orthopedic surgeon should concern all children with posture problems. In this case, they will have the opportunity to quickly overcome them, which will translate into health over the next few years. Even seemingly harmless posture defects can lead to more serious complications and health problems in the future. The last moment is the birth of our baby. Immediately after giving birth, you should see an orthopedic surgeon. This will check the bones, joints and muscles of our child, thanks to which we will make sure that our child is completely safe.

Orthopedist – professionalism and passion

The orthopedic profession requires a lot of courage, enduring difficult working conditions and being open to interpersonal relationships. Regardless of the specialty, a doctor is a person who has the necessary knowledge and professional qualifications and is responsible for checking the patient’s health, understanding the disease, taking appropriate treatment or preventing the spread of the disease. In some cases, orthopedic surgeons can carry out rehabilitation, provide medical advice. Therefore, without a proper vocation and fulfilling a sense of social mission, it is difficult to perform such a profession.

The medical profession is widely respected and enjoys a high status in society, which makes up for the difficult working conditions that people in this industry have to deal with. People who want to be doctors must have the right inclinations and personalities. To become an orthopedic surgeon, you must first become a doctor and then move on to the appropriate specialty – orthopedics. Doctors have appropriate qualifications confirmed by relevant documents to provide medical services, including: providing medical advice, diagnosing and preventing diseases, checking health and issuing medical opinions and certificates as part of their profession. To become an orthopedic surgeon, you must first graduate from a medical university with a specialty related to orthopedics. Medical research lasts 6 years.

If you want to complete the entire learning process, you must additionally complete a specialized course, including practice and theoretical courses. This is the only way to obtain the title of a certified doctor in the selected profession. In addition, after completing the specialization, you can continue your education as part of the second degree specialization or obtain a further academic degree.

Orthopedist – specialization in children

Children’s orthopedists from Ortho Expert also deal with smaller patients. They can diagnose and treat children with craniofacial defects, deformities of the lower or upper limbs, or craniofacial deformities (such as cleft). They also treat serious congenital spinal defects, such as spina bifida, which often causes severe neurological complications in children.

The pediatric orthopedist also checks whether the young patient does not have hip dysplasia. To determine this, the physician must first perform appropriate clinical and ultrasound examinations to visualize the anatomy of the acetabular cup. On the other hand, older children of preschool and school age often struggle with posture defects. The most common is scoliosis, or lateral curvature of the spine. Other posture defects in children include lordosis and kyphosis. Pediatric orthopedics requires a lot of patience.

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