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Geotechnical companies Szczecin: Geotechnical engineering is a science that uses knowledge from various fields. These include geology, soil science and soil mechanics. What is this information for? Why create such a field? It seems that geotechnical studies must be very complex, and therefore – used only in special cases. At the same time, all construction companies, geotechnical companies, etc. use geotechnics.

When is a geotechnical survey required?

Geotechnical studies are the basis of our plans to build houses and even purchase plots for development in the future. Thanks to all the results of the geotechnical survey, it is possible to determine whether the purchase of a specific land is a really good investment and whether it meets all the necessary geotechnical requirements for the safe erection of a building on it. With this knowledge, we can also design any suitable foundation to give the building some stability. It should also be remembered that when applying for a building permit (e.g. a single-family house), the geotechnical test of the floor should be included in the document.

Do you know what geotechnical research looks like?

Geotechnical research is usually performed by a person with a degree in geotechnical engineering. We always perform research on behalf of a company responsible for the construction of a new property or on behalf of a private person. We need to know that there are also companies that specialize in this type of research.

What is needed to conduct a geotechnical survey? For geotechnical research, it is necessary to make several vertical depressions in the ground, on the basis of which it is possible to determine the type of soil in a given area, the depth of individual layers of soil and the condition of the water table. The test hole must be at least two meters below the intended foundation level of the building to be erected on the site.

Among them, in some cases, probes are also carried out. What is it about? It consists in introducing a probe into the soil itself, the direct task of which is to determine the mechanical properties, including the degree of compaction of non-cohesive soils. We are talking about gravel and sand. Thanks to appropriate tests, we can avoid construction disasters, as well as smaller, but rather burdensome consequences, such as cracking of building walls or cleaning foundations. Geotechnical analysis also gives us the answer whether a given building can have a basement.

Samples for geotechnical research

When detailed information is required, samples are taken and sent to the laboratory. There we can determine the content and chemical composition of the groundwater itself, as well as the composition of the soil layers. Geotechnical tests provided by specialized companies may only be performed by persons holding the title of Geotechnical Engineer. In fact, they must be done before any construction. All this to avoid problems directly related to the settlement of the building at a later stage. This is very important in the case of development of areas with extremely high water tables or at risk of such conditions.

This type of research is recommended, especially if you plan to build a basement. Of these, in some cases, due to all legal requirements, tests are also carried out. These include the construction of large-format facilities and single-family houses.

It should also be noted that sometimes the zoning plan of a given area may itself specify the scope of soil testing in order to actually find the optimal scope of testing. It should be a company that has been on the market for many years, has a large number of customers and can boast of many positive opinions. We have received various offers from geotechnical companies in the market. Some of them are actually priced differently. No one likes to overpay, so let’s choose a good offer that will not strain our family budget.


The benefit of geotechnical research is knowing what specific decisions need to be made to compact the soil and what waterproofing and damp proofing to choose for the building. We must know that geotechnical studies are always commissioned by the person or company responsible for the construction.
You can find a good geotechnical engineering company based on recommendations, or you can search online yourself.

Both ways are fine, although the first option seems to us better and definitely safer. By contacting the company, you can say that we are halfway there. Now just wait for the test to run and wait for the result.

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