Calluses on the feet – a matter for a podiatrist!

Calluses on the feet – a matter for a podiatrist! They can also cause more serious problems: cause pain or cracks in the epidermis leading to fungal, bacterial and viral infections. Therefore, as soon as they appear, we should immediately go to the podiatrist!


How to recognize calluses?

Calluses arise as a result of excessive hyperkeratosis, i.e. keratosis of the epidermis on the sensitive points of the foot – most often these are: the heel, toe, front edges of the foot or head, respectively, of the second, third and fourth metatarsal bones. They are usually caused by deformities in the osteoarticular system, improperly selected shoes or too frequent removal of dead epidermis  . Yellowish color and oval shape are characteristic of calluses. The accompanying symptoms may include corns, neuralgia, pain in the metatarsus and the loss of fatty tissue, leading to the lack of shock absorption of the metatarsal bones.

Calluses in the initial stage of development do not cause pain. Over time, if left untreated, however, I can lead to them. What’s more, the lack of elasticity of the epidermis in thickened places can lead to cracks and, as a result, infections of various types: fungal, bacterial or viral, the treatment of which is much more difficult than removing the calluses themselves.

What to do when calluses appear on the foot?

If we notice calluses on our feet, we should go to  the podiatry office , where we will seek professional advice. What may seem like a callus will not always be it. That is why it is worth checking the foot by a specialist and defining the problem. After examination, the podiatrist will also try to find the cause of the ailment and recommend what to do to eliminate it. It will also remove unsightly calluses.

The treatment of calluses depends mainly on the cause of their occurrence, which is why it is so important to determine it. If the cause of calluses is uncomfortable footwear, the specialist will advise you to change it and tell you what type of shoes to choose. He may also recommend the use of special inserts . On the other hand, when the cause lies in the deformation of the osteoarticular system, it will not be possible to completely eliminate it. However, the use of appropriate cosmetics and constant podiatry care will help keep your feet in good condition.

Removal of calluses

Removal of calluses in the podiatry office is possible during the first treatment. However, during treatment it may happen that several treatments are needed. The callous epidermis is removed, not the excessive production of hyperkeratosis. The patient is offered individual therapy depending on the nature of the disease and its causes. If several treatments are required, they are usually repeated one month apart. Too frequent removal of calluses may lead to excessive accumulation of calluses, which we want to avoid and ultimately eliminate.