Imprezy firmowe - sposób na integrację pracowników

Corporate events – a way to integrate employees

People are one of the most important resources in any company – a well-coordinated and committed team is the basis to sell a given product well. For several years, a trend has been observed that for an increasing number of employees, apart from high earnings, a good working atmosphere is also important. One of the most effective methods of integrating employees, and at the same time introducing an appropriate atmosphere, is the organization of corporate events. In Poland, the so-called “Corporate Christmas Eve” and the so-called “Family days” or corporate events for employees and their families. 

Human resources the most important element in a company?

Recently, many industries have started to have very large employee shortages. Many companies then began to save their human resources with employees from abroad. HR departments in enterprises and temporary employment agencies have a growing problem to hire new people in their companies. Difficulties in hiring new employees make employers reach for new recruitment methods, e.g. bonuses for recommending a new employee. 

Recommending a new person to work in a given company brings tangible financial benefits not only to the person who recommended the new employee to work in the company, but also to the newly employed person. However, in order for an employee to recommend his workplace, he must be convinced that the company he works for is worth recommending to other people. 

The average person spends 1/3 of a day at work, which is why an appropriate atmosphere in the company is so important. The appropriate atmosphere in the company had a positive effect not only on the work efficiency of people working in a given company, but also on a small turnover of employees in a given company. The atmosphere at the workplace is positively influenced by all types of non-corporate activities that take place among colleagues, e.g. various types of corporate events. 


Integration meetings – how and where?

Integration meetings can be of a very different nature – from a loose go out for a beer with the closest associates, to a corporate event for all people working in a given company. Therefore, integration events, regardless of whether they are organized for a dozen or several hundred people, must be effective enough to achieve the goal, i.e. harmonization of the entire team of employees. 

When organizing corporate events, the employer should know what elements of the event should focus their attention on in order to improve the comfort of their employees. If employees do not know each other well or have a problem with communicating with each other, team building activities should be introduced to improve the quality of communication in the entire team. 

Before organizing a corporate event, you should define its purpose, and then prepare a plan with as many details as possible, including the nature of the corporate event, date, number of participants, planned attractions, photo booth and music.

Why is it worth organizing corporate events Krakow ?

For many employers, organizing a company event is a fairly large corporate cost burdening the company’s budget. However, a well-organized integration meeting for employees pays off for the employer. It is thanks to corporate events that relations in the company can be improved, at the same time motivating employees to work more efficiently. 

A corporate event is often the only opportunity for all employees to meet at the same time – which gives the opportunity to tighten relations between employees. As a result, not only the atmosphere in the workplace improves, but also the cooperation between employees. All this has a great influence on the company’s success. 

Companies that regularly organize integration meetings often gain in the eyes of their employees because employees are very eager to participate in various types of company meetings. An employee who appreciates his company puts more effort into working for the company in which he works.

How to organize a successful corporate event?

The employer can take advantage of all the advantages of organizing a company meeting for his employees only when the company event is organized strictly for a given group of employees. The best solution are corporate events in the form of an integration trip, e.g. in advance for the whole day. An outgoing corporate event is a very good variety for classic forms of integration events. 


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A good solution when organizing a corporate event is to use the services of an event agency that comprehensively prepares an integration event with attention to every detail. Naturally, the use of an event company may involve increased costs of the event.


Business owners are increasingly realizing that corporate events improve the functioning of their businesses. If the owner of the company does not have time to organize a corporate event, he should order it from an event agency. Using the services of such an agency will be a guarantee of fun for the employees of a given company.