Sea containers construction construction

Sea containers construction construction. The container   is a special reusable metal box intended for the transport of goods by various types of vehicles and allows mechanical transfer between vehicles. Based on the functional purpose, the product is designed to fully comply with the operating conditions. Sea containers have a solid structure and have long been recognized as a practical means of transporting cargo on seas and oceans.

Construction sea containers

The structure of the sea container project is simple but reliable. Its basis is a strong frame, welded from steel beams. The base consists of longitudinal and transverse bottom beams. The side structures are welded to them at the corners. The top plane is the transverse top and longitudinal support beam. Above and around the perimeter, the product is sheathed with corrugated anti-corrosion steel sheets. The metal thickness of the sea container is 1.5-2.0mm, which gives the structure strength and good rigidity. Wooden material, most often pressed plywood, up to 40 mm thick, is used as the floor in the products. Additionally, it can be impregnated with a special composition against fungi and mold. The use of sawn timber for the foundation of a sea container  has several advantages:

  • Resistance to mechanical damage.
  • Good flexibility
  • Convenience of repair or replacement of floor parts.


The main feature of using wood for the floor is a high coefficient of friction, which plays an important role in the transport of goods. The 20-foot sea container has special elements on the sides at the bottom (pockets) to allow the work of the forklift and thus facilitate and speed up loading / unloading. The 40 and 45 foot containers are made without these parts as in this case you cannot balance the product on the narrow forks of the loader.

Elements under construction of a sea container

Such sea containers are designed for loading, therefore they are equipped with cast corner fittings, so that they can be gripped with special automatic devices. Forty-foot containers are also structurally distinguished by the presence of a tunnel designed in front of the crate on which the container is transported. This technical solution allows you to place the container below and reduce the overall height of the structure for transport.

Considering what the sea container consists of , its construction must be supplemented with a swing door. They are mounted on strong hinges. The characteristics of the product are located on the door, in which all the basic parameters, such as the number, permissible load, weight, volume, information about the owner, as well as other symbols are encoded. To open the door, handles are provided that actuate the locking mechanisms. Around the perimeter, the door is sealed with a rubber gasket.

Rings or special devices for securing a certain type of cargo during transport, designed for the necessary mass, can be fixed on the longitudinal and side beams inside the container. The large wall thickness of the sea container allows the safe transport of various products. The entire structure is covered with a high-quality varnish coat to protect the metal from the environment. Knowing which metal the sea container is made of, its construction allows it to be safely used for the comfortable and reliable transport of a wide variety of goods. Usually the container has a door on one side, but to speed up unloading, they are modified, roller shutters, sliding side walls, self-loading trailer supports.

Sea containers frame, wall, floor, door construction

The welded steel frame consists of rolling sections with corner connectors and can be stacked 9 or more times. The floor structure consists of a profiled steel longitudinal beam with welded 28 mm thick transverse beams, waterproof plywood, as the floor on which the cross beams are mounted and screwed, sealed in longitudinal and transverse joints. The wall structure is profiled steel sheet 1.5 mm thick, profile depth 36 mm, waterproof, welded to the frame. The waterproof roof is made of sheet steel with a steel profile welded to the frame 2.0 mm thick.

Standard container door, hollow and square profile frame, 1.5mm profiled board door filling, waterproof welding, double sealing, 4 door hinges per leaf, opening angle is about 270 °, door clearance is about 2343mm wide and 2280mm height. All non-galvanized parts are sandblasted and primed. And all external and internal surfaces are varnished.


It is worth knowing that the construction of sea containers has additional openings, which are located at the bottom and are called pockets, allowing for practical transport from one place to another using a forklift. There are also sea containers with a “gooseneck”, which is a recess in the floor at the head wall. This allows the sea container to be lowered on the trailer at the required angle.