Is it worth employing workers from the east?

The labor market in Poland is in a rather difficult situation. Unemployment is lower on the market and employers report a growing demand for employees. Unfortunately, there are not so many people willing to work in Poland to fill the gaps in companies, which is why workers from the East are more and more willing to come to Poland, who are well received here.

Is it worth employing workers from the east?

A few years ago, we had to deal with events when many people opposed the employment of foreign workers, especially those from Ukraine and other countries across our eastern border. Unfortunately, no convincing arguments followed these views. Ukrainian citizens who appeared in Poland, although they were sometimes victims of verbal and physical aggression, did not allow themselves to be discouraged from working, and Poles somehow found out that citizenship does not matter and now they work with each other equally. Workers from the East are a salvation for our economy. Due to the dynamic changes taking place on the market, the shortage of employees is currently estimated at over
100,000 people. Unfortunately, these numbers will not improve as it is assessed from year to year thatthat there will be more and more offers, and there will not be so many people. An additionalblow to the Polish economy is the fact that all the time potential employees, especiallyyoung ones , go abroad to work, often staying permanently, and those who are already abroad
do not intend to return.

That is why it is worth looking at employees from the east as potentialemployees in companies in our area. Entrepreneurs should reallythink carefully about whether it is worth hiring them. It is also worth looking at their education,because often in Poland there are not only people with vocational education, but
also specialists in various fields who have completed studies and know severa languages.
There are many advantages to employing workers from the East. The first one is, for example, that the eastern languages ​​and the Polish language are very close to each other. That is why
employees from such close countries do not have and should not have a problem communicating. As a result, work can run more smoothly even if employees do not speak the same language. However, over time, it may turn out that the language will not be a problem at all , because, for example, in Ukraine, Polish is taught in schools, as foreigners and employees from Ukraine learn it very quickly, which is then useful for them when working in Poland. They also learn it willingly, so you should not be afraid of the language barrier.

When it comes to employees from Ukraine, you don’t have to worry about any formalities that are kept to a minimum. Unfortunately, this limitation only exists if the employee
stays in Poland and works here only for up to 6 months. Then only the employer’s declaration of employment is required . However, even these 6 months can be a rescue for many companies that need seasonal workers. Such a period can also be treated as a trial period, because if the employee proves successful, then only then can you start to worry about the formalities and help the employee obtain a permanent residence permit and work. Therefore, if an entrepreneur is afraid of employing workers from the East, because he is afraid of a whole lot of paperwork, then this fear can be safely abandoned.
Employees from the east are also characterized by the fact that they are very committed to their tasks. They have no problems acquiring new skills and qualifications. It is also very common that they want to work more than 8 hours a day, because they want as much work as possible and the highest possible earnings. If we think about the problems in the labor market now, it can turn out to be a real help, because it will reduce the demand.
Every employer who employs them will find out about the commitment of employees from the East .

Another advantage of employing workers from the East is that very often the costs of their employment are lower than the cost of employing a Polish employee. Often in the East,
wages are lower than the minimum wage in our country, which is why these workers are happy if they get even that much. It is an alternative to the expectations of Polish employees
towards employers. Of course, you hear more and more of times when groups of workers from the east come together to expect higher wages, but sometimes these are just
small bursts that fade quickly. On the other hand, even if their salaries are slightly raised, employing them may still be more profitable.
As you can see, employing workers from the East has many advantages. It is worth considering because employees from the east can be an interesting alternative and a rescue
for many companies that suffer from a shortage of employees.

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