Montujemy w szkołach tablice interaktywne

We install interactive boards in schools.

Thanks to the subsidies that Polish schools receive every year as part of financial aid from the European Union, it can be stated that the level of access to modern
technological solutions in terms of education has increased significantly. The tangible proof of this statement can be not only the analysis of the interior design of Polish schools, but
also the enormity of equipment in the field of the most modern technical solutions, which we have not even dreamed of for several years! Modern and large-format interactive boards make an
impression from the first contact with them.

With their help, you can acquire knowledge in any chosen field. These are devices with a versatile range of operation. Every kid,
who comes into contact with an innovative interactive board at least once, is impressed and in the blink of an eye forgets about a sad, black or green board, where you can only write with chalk. With the interactive whiteboard, there is no such necessity. We can move everything on the screen with our own hands. We all saw such solutions many years ago in
science – fiction movies, and few people thought then that such ideas would soon become reality.
Interactive – means with a greater range of activities.

Any subject that is taught will quickly benefit from the time blackboard is in the classroom interactive. Thanks to it, it will be possible to learn
science in a much more vivid manner, including mathematics and chemistry hated by many. The mathematical formulas presented on the interactive board’s screen , as well as the explanation of many scientific theories with the help of instructional videos will surely make the knowledge from many sections of the curricula by young people much better and faster assimilated. The same goes for chemistry and physics. If we cannot imagine molecular bonds and the processes of reacting individual substances – the system each interactive board is equipped with will come to our aid so that we can see what is so difficult on the screen.
Humanities will also benefit!
If you think interactive whiteboards can only help in science, you are wrong. Due to the fact that they are devices with an extremely universal level of operation, they can be used to present not only knowledge in the form of files, graphs or statistics, but also in the film version . Certainly, it will be pleasant to watch on the large interactive board one of the
screenings of the school reading, currently discussed in Polish language lessons. Interactive boards will also be very useful in the case of presentations shown on other
humanities subjects – geography, history or biology. In geography lessons, you can use interactive map, making individual close-ups or distances of specific places on Earth, which are currently the subject of our discussion.

Learning in a multimedia version becomes a pleasure.
Managed by a developed control menu, interactive boards will also show the class during history lessons. It can display various multimedia materials available on CDs
and DVDs. They can also come in the form of documentaries and fiction, so there will be it is possible for children to learn more
about the complex fate of not only Poles, but also the whole
world, in a much more interesting and interesting way . An interactive board can present a whole range of important historical documents on an unbelievable and even more precise scale, thanks to which it will be possible to look at photographs from the past even more thoroughly.
Biology will undoubtedly also benefit from science through contact with modern technology . It will be possible to study the structure and functions of the human body with the greatest
precision and accuracy. The artificial skeleton somewhere in the corner of the biology classroom may be gone for eternal retirement, because on a high-resolution interactive board we will see much more, with the tiniest internal details.

Interactive boards and learning foreign languages.
Versatile in operation, interactive boards are also the optimal method to quickly learn the principles of a foreign language. Language learning through the interactive whiteboard can take place not only through the use of multimedia materials . The possibility of cooperation of interactive boards with web servers gives a chance for children in Polish schools to learn through contact with a real native a speaker from a country where the language is used on a daily basis. In this way, the boundaries blur even faster. Learning a foreign language through books and workbooks is necessary, but only with multimedia and technological support can it bring you really electrifying results.
Every child who joins the interactive whiteboard at least once during class will know that it is the future of education.