Jak dbać o bongo – krótki poradnik

How to care for a bong – a short guide

Do you have a bongo and you are fascinated by how to restore it to the condition in which you bought it? Or maybe you are just considering buying, but you don’t know anything about how to take care of a  hookah ? In both cases, you should know some tricks that will keep your favorite item in perfect condition. It is also good to visit a bongo shop, as there are often enthusiasts who are willing to share their knowledge on the subject.

How to prepare a pipe

Few people realize that a bong is clean when it is used properly. Only by following the tips of experienced people will we be able
to enjoy the pipe without raids for a long time. The first thing we do before we take a good
drag is pour water into the bong and… let’s stop for a moment. In many places, the
high level of water hardness is a bane, which means that all objects
in contact with it will be covered with a scale of limescale. Therefore, we should use
filtered or mineral water for bongs .

Ok. We already know that water should not contain scale, what next? The next step is to
properly complete the bong. Ideally, the level of the water poured should not exceed 2/3
of the bowl’s height, otherwise there is a risk of inhalation. When
adding ice cubes to a pipe, remember that they raise the water level. In the
bong store , they warn you to change the fluid frequently while smoking. We need to worry
only about the advice when sharing the pipe, because then the water gets dirty faster.
The second important thing is to prepare the cartridge. It should always be ground finely,
no matter what we smoke. We can plant the plant to obtain a satisfactory thickness
crush in your hands or grind in a mortar. Some people use grinders – this allows them to grind
larger amounts of goods in a short time. At the same time, let’s not overdo it the other way, the
plant, when ground into dust, easily gets into the water. Put the ready luncheon meat into the bong
at the top of the bowl. The amount of refill depends on your habits, but too much will
burn slowly .

How you smoke is important

If we have already taken our first steps: we visited a bongo shop, prepared
clean water and filled our pipe properly, it is time to start smoking. We hold the bongo by the
chamber – there is no best place to hold it, we choose the one that will not tire our hand.
Then gently put the mouthpiece to your mouth. Do not worry if
you fail to feel the first time and the mouthpiece falls too deep, we will gain experience.
The next step is to block the clutch with your finger and set the product on fire, at the same time
puff through the mouthpiece. If we’ve done everything right,
a lot of smoke will get into the chamber . By sticking to these steps you will ensure that the bong does not get
dirty quickly .

Cleaning a bong – how to do it?

We only smoked a little and the bong is already covered in an ugly raid? The bongo shop did not share
with us the information on how to deal with the nuisance sediment? This way we
will get rid of all dirt!

If our pipe is covered with a thick layer of sediment, we start our cleaning by
pouring alcohol into it and adding coarse salt. Then we plug all the holes and
shake the bong strongly. Most of the dirt should come off and we can
easily pour the mixture out. Instead of alcohol, you can use denatured alcohol or
nail polish remover, but in this case, remember to wash the bong
thoroughly with clean water to get rid of toxic residues. Another proven way to get a
very dirty bong is to use dishwasher tablets. We start by
clogging all the holes of the pipe, it is most convenient to do this with pieces of foil and scotch tape.
Carefully put the bong on the bottom of the bathtub or cabin (so that the escaping water does not
soil everything around us), throw the tablet and pour boiling water over it. We
leave the equipment for about 20 minutes. After this time, carefully pour out the water and dirt and
rinse the bong thoroughly. We should be very careful
about the activities, because if there are any chemicals left in the pipe , we risk inhaling them while smoking, and probably no one
wants to get poisoned. An additional advantage of cleaning with a dishwasher tablet is
the rinse aid in it. After such scrubbing, the bong will look like new!

And they lived on bongo and happily

By following the above tips, we will not only keep our pipe in perfect condition for
years and postpone another bongo store visit, but we will also be able to
enjoy how perfect clouds of smoke form every time. Remember that the
water in the pipe captures the toxic particles formed during the burning of herbs, which
is why it is so important to clean the glass systematically. The better the condition of the bong, the more effective
its operation and filtration of the resulting smoke. Pay special attention to small
elements that come into closer contact with our body. If we smoke in a group,
bacteria and viruses, such as herpes , can easily pass through the mouthpiece . It’s best to clean the pipe and change the
water after each use.