Na co zwrócić uwagę przy wyborze bramy garażowej?

What to look for when choosing a garage door?

What to look for when choosing a garage door? Choosing the right garage door should be based primarily on its functionality. There are many models on the market, so matching the right type to your individual needs should not be a problem. When buying, first of all, we should pay attention to the method of opening and which door model will work best in a given room. To other parameters that should be the basis for the selection, we can add the degree of thermal insulation and types of anti-burglary protection. The cost of purchase and assembly as well as the aesthetics of the gate are also important.

Types of garage doors as the basis for selection

The best option is to take into account the decision about the garage door already at the design stage of the house. It should fit the body of the building both in terms of aesthetics and taking into account the space of the garage and the entrance opening. We can choose from a lot of garage door models, the different opening methods of which allow for a perfect fit to your needs.

Sectional doors

We can choose from in this category sectional garage doors  upper and side. When deciding on the second option, we must take into account the fact that with the garage open, one of the side walls will be occupied by the gate leaf. This type of model is most often made of galvanized steel profiles covered with a sheet. The outer shell, on the other hand, can be powder coated or consist of aluminum, veneer or wood. The segments run on guides mounted on walls or ceilings. The whole thing is hidden inside the room without going outside. Therefore, they are recommended in places where the driveway goes directly to the street and there is not too much space on it.

Up and over gates

Up-and-over gates are simple-to-build mechanisms, consisting of a leaf, an actuator and profiles that also act as guides. The gate hovers above the car, exits the garage, and then hides under the ceiling. The entire structure is usually made of aluminum or steel. The method of opening requires keeping a safe distance from the upward sash when tilted.

Rolling gates

They are made of steel or aluminum slats and resemble blinds. Garage doors of this type consist of connected joints wound on the shaft, which is located in the cassette. Due to the above, such a model will work best in a place where there is enough space for the cassette, where the entire gate leaf is hidden.

Swing gates

The most traditional structures that resemble classic gates that open like doors. They are mounted on hinges, and their opening requires some space in the driveway for tilted wings. Both single and double leaf garage doors are available on the market .

Safety and thermal insulation

In addition to the decision to choose a specific type of gate, security systems offered by manufacturers are a very important factor that is worth paying attention to. First of all, it is important that  garage doors  are protected against burglary. We can find here gates equipped with reinforced profiles, door handles with a bolt, or additional security in the rolling gate in the form of an electromagnetic brake blocking the possibility of rolling the mechanism. In addition to protection against burglary, it is important that the gate ensures safety when closing, so that the gate does not pose a threat to the user and the vehicle. This is achieved by mechanisms in the form of a photocell or a disconnecting system, which stop the gate in case of hitting an obstacle. In addition, we can meet with a lock in the event of a spring break or a gentle stop function. Both mechanisms are to prevent the gate from dropping suddenly. Another issue is the level of thermal insulation that a given model offers. This parameter will be particularly important in the case of heated garages. The level of heat transfer depends on whether the door is insulated, as well as on the tightness of the connected elements and correct assembly. The insulation is usually made of polystyrene inserts or polyurethane foam.

Costs and aesthetics

When buying a garage door, the cost of purchase and assembly is not without significance. The price range of individual models is very large and depends not only on the type, but also on whether we decide to automate it. Garage doors are among the cheapest optionstilts, which can be purchased for a few hundred zlotys. The cost increases if we choose a model with insulation. The most expensive option will be the choice of a sectional door. Here the prices are at the level of several thousand. In the middle of the tier there are rolling and swing gates. In addition to the price, it is important to match the appearance of the door to the aesthetics of the building and spatial possibilities. A suitable finish of the outer leaf layer will ensure consistency and harmony. We can choose models with an outer shell made of aluminum, veneer or solid wood. It all depends on the style and effect we want to achieve.