Rodzaje i konstrukcja drzwi wewnętrznych

Types and construction of interior doors.

Currently, there is a multitude of choices of interior doors on the market. Companies and manufacturers are competing
in the production of new doors with the use of interesting materials, combinations of structures, motifs, colors and patterns. Internal doors, apart from the type of
finish and construction , of course , also differ in the way of opening.

So where are we able to choose?

Before we make a decision, it’s important to determine what we can choose from. What criteria to use.
One of them is the way of opening, which is strictly very important. We divide interior doors into:

Sliding – this type of door works best when we care about every square centimeter of the room and we cannot afford traditional ones. Of course, you can also choose them because of our preferences, we do not necessarily have to be guided by the economic aspect . This type usually consists of one or two leaves sliding on a
rail. After opening, the sash is hidden in a cassette hidden in the wall. However, their assembly is not so simple, because the leaf of the sliding door moves along the running rail (guide),
using trolleys with rollers (wheels) mounted on it, mounted above the door opening . And if we would like to change the decor and location of these doors in the future
we have to take into account the demolition of part of the wall and the construction of a new one (consisting of steel parts and plasterboard).

Folding and folding (folding) – practical and extremely economical, ideal as a partition when you want to separate two rooms, kitchen from the living room or divide a large living room
into a dining area and a guest room. Easy and quiet to use – they cannot be slammed (a very good solution for a children’s room). This variant of the door consists of two or three
vertical elements connected by hinges. Some manufacturers offer doors with modern prints and patterns (so that the door sometimes looks like a real painting –
which creates a very stylish design)

Hinged – the most popular and most frequently offered, there are other types when it comes to the number of doors produced. These, in turn, are divided into single- and double-leaf. On the other hand, single-leaf doors are either left or right. How to check which ones we need for our accommodation? Very easy – you just need to check, being in a room to the inside of which the door opens, hinges. If they are on the left – the door is on the left, if on the right – the door is right.

Swinging shuttles – rarely found in houses and apartments, most often found in galleries, offices, large premises, industrial plants, and in particular in catering establishments.
There is a single-leaf and a double-leaf variant – very often made of glass. They open in both directions – swinging.

Materials from which internal doors can be made:

    • wood – mostly made of mahogany, oak, beech and pine. Wooden doors are
      cheaper and most often chosen among various offers. Some, in order to add a
      unique atmosphere to the interior and realize their own desires and ideas for decor,
      decide to order such doors directly from a carpenter – to create a unique
      and unique design. Of course, this option is not always the cheapest, because it depends on what kind of wood we want to make the door and on the complexity of the project. If we care about originality and are true connoisseurs of wooden handicrafts, such doors will certainly reflect our character and give the house this unique atmosphere.
    • wood-based panels – quite popular (almost like made of wood). Their
      production is usually made of chipboard or fibreboard, pressed or smooth.
      Mostly these are hard MDF and HDF boards. This variant is much more resistant to
    • glass – most often made of tempered glass, they can be framed (aluminum
      or wooden), but there are also models without frames. They often appear in modern
      and stylish interiors. A good solution if we have a dark or poorly lit house
      and we want as much sun as possible. Such doors provide a large amount of light.
      When choosing each element of the home or apartment decor, first of all, you should be
      guided by your own feelings, desires and our vision. We are the ones who will spend most of the time there
      and we should feel as good as possible, comfortable and safe. By arranging the house, we can let our
      imagination run wild, activate our imagination and awaken creativity. Play designers, create
      a place full of love and peace for yourself and your loved ones. A place where you can
      “hide” before the world, your own asylum. Everything depends on us. It is important to pay attention to the
      safety of use – it is about the way of opening. The doors in the rooms should open
      inwards, and those from the rooms where we have a stove and stove, to the outside. It may not seem
      very important, but it would still be worth considering when installing.