Dom dla seniorów- bezpieczeństwo i zaufanie

Home for seniors – safety and trust

Home for seniors – safety and trust. Elderly and disabled people very often have serious problems related to functioning in a house that is traditionally furnished, and all because of limited physical fitness. That is why it is so important to create a safe and comfortable space that will allow seniors to function normally and be independent.

There are many opportunities on the market today that you can use to achieve this goal. In the following article you will find important information on the appropriate equipment of a home for seniors, as well as many other equally important issues.

Seniors – the most common health problems

Among the most common health problems that occur in older people are:

  • defect of vision
  • poor motor coordination
  • balance problems
  • and mobility problems

These are the most common causes of injuries to the elderly and disabled in their own homes, so in order to reduce the risk of injury as much as possible and ensure comfortable, everyday functioning, the living space in the home for seniors should be properly adapted!

Home for the elderly – how to prevent falls of the elderly?

Did you know that, according to research, the vast majority, almost 80%, of falls in the elderly happen at home? Their main cause is tripping over the carpet, rug and cables in the wrong place. A large number of accidents are also caused by door thresholds, so it is recommended to remember to use a special non-slip floor when arranging a home for the elderly.

Recently, the following products have been very popular on the market: carpet coverings used on the entire floor surface and ceramic tiles equipped with a special non-slip glaze. You should know that it is very important in this regard that any protruding cables are masked or placed behind baseboards. The use of small doormats or rugs is not recommended, as they may collapse and cause an elderly or disabled person to fall. It is also not advisable to use thresholds inside the apartment, but a good solution is to install low thresholds, thanks to such a solution it is possible to pass freely or use a wheelchair!

How to avoid the risk of slipping and reaching too high?

It is worth noting that the falls of the elderly also very often occur due to an overly positive assessment of their abilities, including:

      • by changing the light bulb in the chandelier
      • by hanging curtains or washing the window.

Therefore, in order to safely plan and arrange a home for a senior or a disabled person, it is worth using as many standing cabinets as possible, because it is not a good idea to use hanging cabinets, which also increase the risk of an accident. Currently, there are many possibilities, in the offers of companies you can find a lot of models of furniture with comfortable and large handles, which is an extraordinary convenience for seniors.

In the case of the bathroom, a great solution is to install special handrails, as they will help the elderly when sitting down or getting up from the toilet. The use of handles and handrails will allow you to maintain the right balance, it is also recommended to choose shower cabins without a threshold instead of a bathtub, primarily due to the fact that a special bathing chair can be attached in the cabin. The height of the sink and toilet bowl is also very important!

Free passage through the door

A home for the elderly should be properly equipped and adapted to all needs, it should be remembered that the balcony door should be of the appropriate width, this is especially important in the case of disabled people, moving in a wheelchair and using balconies. A good solution that is very popular today are modern models with large, glazed sliding doors that have a specially lowered threshold. It is also worth taking advantage of the offer of doors that are equipped with lowered handles, more and more people are also choosing to install the so-called. latch, because through such use, the risk of spontaneous slamming of the door is significantly reduced.

Open spaces – sliding doors without handles

In the case of disabled people who suffer from diseases related to rheumatism, the best solution is to live with as few internal doors as possible, in this situation open spaces work best. However, it is clear that there are rooms that require privacy, so in this case it is recommended to use sliding doors without handles. When it comes to people in wheelchairs, you need to keep in mind and remember that the door opens outwards.

Nowadays, along with technological progress, there are more and more innovative conveniences, including automatic door opening. Using a special numeric keypad or using a smartphone, you can control the external door without any problems, which is very convenient. It is a solution that makes life much easier for seniors and gives psychological comfort to carers.

A home for seniors, in order to be fully safe for everyday use, must have many amenities, and it is worth remembering to be able to sleep peacefully!

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