Dlaczego warto postawić na płytki do salonu?

Why is it worth choosing living room tiles?

Why is it worth choosing living room tiles? Ceramic tiles have long ceased to be associated only with the bathroom and kitchen. Contemporary arrangement trends assume their use also in places that once did not allow their use, including the living room.

As it turns out, this is not a whim of designers, but something that actually works in action. In this short article, we will focus on the basic benefits of putting on these tiles in your own living room (or at least in part of it, depending on the main idea).

Benefits of using tiles in the living room

Although a dozen or so years ago, ceramic tiles in the living room were something unheard of and not entirely tolerated, today more and more benefits associated with introducing them to this very exploited room are noticed. We list the most important ones below.

  1. Ceramic tiles come in a lot of colors and patterns – their choice is much more diverse than in the case of popular and competitive panels (what’s more, there are tiles imitating them).
  2. The tiles are very easy to keep clean – they are not afraid of contact with liquid substances, but also with everything that may come across them in the living room. Just wipe them with a mop and dry them to enjoy their original appearance. When choosing them, it is worth paying attention to the abrasion class – while in a room with little use, you can choose tiles with a lower level of abrasion, for more used places, it is worth choosing a much higher than standard one.
  3. The tiles can be used to create a uniform floor – the use of very prominent joints has long been abandoned. More often, direct connection of successive tiles is put on.
  4. The tiles are perfect for living rooms with a kitchenette, making the living room perfectly connected with it. This creates a great optical effect.
  5. Ceramic tiles are definitely the best solution for apartments and houses equipped with underfloor heating. They conduct heat well, and in themselves – in their original form – are cold. This combination makes them perfect even for walking on them in socks.
  6. They are a great option for living rooms connected to a terrace, balcony or garden – coming from them, we usually “bring” dirt into the house. It is much easier to remove it from tiles than from anything else.
  7. They will work well for people who love shiny surfaces – they are susceptible to polishing, so they can look phenomenal in well-lit rooms.
  8. They can have anti-slip properties, which will certainly contribute to the level of safety in the living room – especially since it is one of the most frequently visited places by us during the day.

Do ceramic tiles have to go to the floor?

Ceramic tiles are most often associated with covering the floor in the kitchen, hall or bathroom. In the living room, which we are talking about in this article, they are also placed on the surface, as a substitute for the most frequently used panels so far. However, the modern world of arrangement also assumes their use … on the wall. In that case, it is usual to choose large-format tiles, which are not only fashionable, but also practical – their installation takes literally a few hours, and the effect can be overwhelming.

The living room is not usually a place where the entire wall is covered with tiles – that’s why they are much more often used as an addition, for example for a TV wall, while the rest of the room is painted with a standard, but always properly matched paint.

For the living room only? Where else will ceramic tiles prove themselves

Although in our article we mentioned only the living room and the benefits of implementing ceramic tiles in it, in fact they will also work in other rooms. They will certainly be most practical in the main hall – we appreciate their advantages especially in winter, when you tend to bring mud and other types of dirt from the outside. They will allow you to quickly and easily get rid of it from their surface.

It is also common to place this type of tiles in the kitchen. Currently, they go not only to the floor – it has become popular to create a “strip of tiles” separating the top from the upper cabinets. This is a very practical solution that works well in action, because it allows for very easy cleaning in the kitchen – the most exposed to dirt.

Ceramic tiles, on the other hand, are not applicable in the bedroom, where coziness is valued, but also adhesion. Children’s rooms are rarely finished with them.


Ceramic tiles have long ceased to be the domain of bathrooms and hallways. Nowadays, they are also perfect for the arrangement of living rooms. Appreciated for the richness of various patterns and colors, they are also very functional – especially in a room that is used so often in every house and apartment. Let’s not hesitate to bet on them, but also combine them with the still popular panels.

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