Marketing małych firm prawniczych

Marketing of small law firms

Small firms have to deal with different marketing challenges than larger firms. First of all, this is due to the fact that they have a completely different budget. Therefore, marketing and advertising are more challenging.

However, this does not change the fact that it is worth learning to acquire new clients for your law firm. Then we will be successful in the industry.

Monitoring of marketing campaigns

First of all, let’s consider what the purpose of the marketing plan will be? What goals do we want to achieve? Let’s also think about what exactly do we want to achieve? What are our short term and long term goals? Finally, let’s think about how we are going to implement these plans?

In addition to these basic questions, remember that the key to your marketing campaigns will be how you track your results.

Small law firms do not have a large marketing and advertising budget. Therefore, let’s not waste money on a campaign, the results of which we will not see.

Google Analytic demographics help measure significant changes such as audience data, impressions, click-through rate, cost-per-conversion, and multiple trends over time. This information can be of great help. Based on them, we can develop new marketing campaigns. They will be more effective because we already know what works and what doesn’t. We can connect your blog or website to Google Analytics. Then we will check who is reading the articles.

Specific audiences and SEO

Successful law firms focus on the target market. They do not crumble. Instead, they try to become an expert in a specific field.

So let’s consider what target group we want to target our services to. Let’s choose a specific branch of law.

Let’s create high-quality content around the main topics in a given field. We can also consider sponsored articles. We send articles to blogs, news sites and well-known portals. This will certainly help in positioning and solving SEO problems.

Properly optimized website

A law firm should have a website. Let’s not regret our money. The website should be modern and responsive.

An easy-to-navigate website with rich resources and content will encourage clients to cooperate with our law firm. Let’s also remember to load it quickly. Let’s test it with Google Page Speed ​​Insights. Let’s make sure it gets a high rating.

Let’s use relevant SEO keywords. If we use the word “attorney” enough, do not mess around. However, if we need help finding keywords, let’s check what users are typing on Google to search for a law firm.

A well-designed landing page will encourage customers to contact you. It should be both computer and mobile friendly. Be sure to include the “Contact” tab there.

If we can, let’s take care of references and positive feedback. Let’s put them on our website. This is how we inspire confidence.

We don’t just put general content on the site. Let’s make sure that they also present our office.

Social media

One of the effective methods of building trust and acquiring new customers is presence on social media.

Let’s create a profile in popular business directories and on Facebook. The data that should be entered are: office name, address, telephone number, working hours, website. Let’s also share interesting descriptions and visualizations.

Potential customers deserve and expect consistency with the company’s brand and experience. Therefore, let’s take care of high quality. Content should involve reflection and action. They must be adapted to the type of platform.

While it may seem like a pointless marketing for a small law firm, let’s not give up. We can stand out thanks to the creative use of social media.

When marketing small law firms, social media should play a key role. We may not have the resources of large law firms, but we can become recognizable on social media. They also allow you to establish relationships with potential and current customers.

Social media is very helpful for small law firms. High-quality content not only builds a brand and allows you to choose a niche, but also allows you to build relationships.

Many attorneys do not want to use social media, they are afraid of the reaction.

However, it is enough to follow two important rules. Let’s cultivate and develop customer relationships. We place resources that are valuable to customers on social media platforms. Social media should become a natural way to reach people in need of help.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have become an incredibly popular place to contact companies. We don’t have to publish a lot of posts at all. However, we regularly post high-quality content. This way, we will distinguish our law firm from others. We can also build the position of an expert. Let’s seize this amazing opportunity.